Hi, I’m Youri. I’m from the Netherlands. Nice to meet you.┬á ­čÖé

On this page I will get a little into what led me to the use of vaporizers and what idostuffhigh.com is about.

Smoking tobacco and weed, eating mostly foods that are low in nutrition and rarely any physical activity besides clicking the mouse buttons the entire day. Coming from a very inactive and destructive lifestyle, something HAD to change. I felt worse every passing day.

Long story short: Buying a dry herb vaporizer to vape weed allowed me to quit smoking weed. Getting rid of that habit allowed me to quit smoking tobacco. Getting rid of those two habits allowed me to have more energy, lung capacity and overall fitness. At around the same time I also got into weightlifting. Weightlifting led me to changing my diet.

Right now I live a pretty active life. I eat really healthy and get outside a lot. Both resulting in a better mood overall, allowing me to get out of my depression and do something actually productive: working on me and my future.

I wanted to keep it short here, but if you want to read more about me: click here.


With idostuffhigh.com I aim to promote the healthy use of cannabis (and other herbs) through vaporizing and the responsible use of psychedelics. Vaporizing weed allows for an active and healthy lifestyle without compromising your lung capacity and health and overall fitness.

Let’s show the world that weed does NOT make you lazy and that stoners can be active! Let’s eliminate the stigma! Actions speak more than words!

The ‘i’ in idostuffhigh.com does not necessarily refer to me, but to anyone who does stuff high and/or supports or has an interest in the brand or the same kind of lifestyle.

I DO NOT condone the irresponsible use of psychedelics!
I DO condone the responsible use of psychedelics!
I’m not responsible for anything that happens to you!


If you want me to test your product, review your product, do videos or write about your product or if you have any other business inquiries or opportunities please mail me.


If you want to support me, my cause, my website and my YouTube channel you can donate any amount to my PayPal. Any donation is sincerely and very much appreciated.