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Bye YouTube

Hey! I got some updates for you.


After losing my YouTube channel two days ago I immediately took action and signed up for an account at DTube. DTube is a decentralized open source platform, meaning everything is transparent and only the community can censor your videos. You can get downvoted into oblivion and lose the video, but not your channel.  The platform is relatively new and will need time to reach its full potential.

I will be posting my old content on there over the next few days. Some new content is also in the works.


Lately, I have experienced multiple profound psychedelic trips. The shroom gods made me realize that I need to reconnect with nature, with my true self and devoid myself from all the bullshit around me and in me. I need time to get to know myself and ultimately fix myself. Time to meditate and be out in nature, reconnect with my heart and find joy in life.

Cheap stimulation, mass information, smartphones, processed foods and the desire to be someone have turned us into a society of desolation, depression and egocentrism. We are fully disconnected from our roots: nature. In fact, we are so far disconnected from nature that people don’t even believe we are animals. We have all kinds of conditions caused by poor posture and a lack of nutrients, sunlight and physical activity. Instead of treating the cause, we treat the symptoms (with medicine) and only further destroy our bodies and minds.

Something needs to change, but I can’t tell people that they should change and what they should change. I can only advise people to start listening more to their bodies and to do research beyond what society and doctors tells you.

I may or may not write trip reports about my psychedelic experiences in the future. Stay tuned as I and my website evolve over time. Social media and idostuffhigh are not my top priority at the moment, so there will likely be lots of delays in between content.

YouTube Channel Suspended

Greetings to everyone who has been subscribed to my YouTube channel. I want to briefly let you know that my channel has been suspended.

Image showing the email that I received from Youtube this morning

Image showing the email that I received from YouTube this morning, unfortunately in Dutch only.


My channel was suspended this morning. Three of my videos were forcefully removed within a timeframe of three months resulting in the suspension. The removed videos are ‘Shrooms: Methods of Consumption’, ‘Magic Mushroom Smoothie’ and ‘Trying Salvia Divinorum Live’. They were all flagged as ‘dangerous’. I have filed a protest, but considering YouTube’s silly policies and abuse of power I think it is very unlikely that I will regain control over my channel.


My view on psychedelics are that one should not take insane doses right away. Respect the molecule you’re working with. I have explicitly stated this in my videos. How is showing people how to safely dose dangerous? Also, how is giving people different ways of consuming shrooms and making a shroom smoothie dangerous? Obviously it isn’t. People were going to consume shrooms regardless of my video. I just gave some tips on how to mask the taste that many people dislike.

Of course the videos of people who recklessly take insane doses with poor set and setting do not get taken down. Instead, they get millions of views and thousands of dollars of ad revenue.  Why does Youtube target responsible users and not the ones who are actually doing dangerous things? It almost seems as if YouTube is knowingly attacking responsible content. Obviously, a bad image is much better maintained by videos of people who jump out of windows and go crazy than people who become a better version of themselves.

The policies of YouTube keep getting crazier and I believe their end is near. People want their freedom back and that’s exactly where decentralized platforms come to play. DTube or something similar will be the next big thing.

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