Why didn’t I buy this one immediately?! This device does everything the Crafty does, but better! And it has physical buttons!!!




This is hands down one of the best portable vaporizers you can buy. If you have the money laying around and you want an absolute beast of a vaporizer, you’ve found it.

Here is a list of pros and cons for the people who need a TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) or who simply want a summary. The pluses and minuses indicate how important I think that pro or con is.


  • (+++) Vapor quality is top notch.
  • (+++) Produces a lot of vapor.
  • (+++) Vapor is extremely potent.
  • (+++) Efficiency of extracting cannabinoids.
  • (+++) High build quality, it’s very robust.
  • (++) Easy temperature control with a LED screen to display battery life and temperature.
  • (+) Fill tool for easy filling.
  • (++) Easy cleaning.
  • (+++) Battery life.
  • (++) Charge time is pretty fast.
  • (++) Portability.


  • (- -) Needs a flat surface to be able to stand upright properly.
  • (- -) 1 minute automatic shut-off timer is very annoying if you try to vape while you’re doing things such as gaming or cooking.
  • (-) Sometimes shuts off despite having reset the shut-off timer.
  • (-) Less pocket portable than Crafty due to larger size, but still really portable.


The Mighty is very efficient at extracting all the cannabinoids from the herb creating very potent and very tasteful vapor. Start at a low temperature and go up when the vapor production decreases. That allows for long vaping sessions


The Mighty produces excellent quality vapor; the taste and potency are unmatched. Vapor production wise you’ll be left with a smile as well, because there will be a lot, especially the higher you go in temperature.
The temperature range of 180°C/356°F through 210°C/410°F will definitely give you fat clouds.

For the real connoisseurs there is a whole realm of tastes to experience at lower temperatures as well. Try 199°C/390°F for some spicy β-caryophyllene and 157°C/315°F for some α-pinene for example.


  • This is high quality plastic and is very solid. I’m not telling you to drop it onto a concrete floor from shoulder height or anything, but it is made to be sturdy. I know because I’ve dropped it a bunch of times on a hard floor from lap height and I don’t even see any serious scratches or something.
  • The mouthpiece rotates satisfyingly smooth.
  • The cooling unit does what it should do and does it good. Even with 210°C/410°F the vapor is relatively cool.
  • The cooling unit’s closing clip has a 3D effect which looks very nice.


  • Filling the bowl on both devices is very easy with the included chamber fill tool, even on the road this is very easy to use.
  • Physical buttons and screen to accurately control the temperature.
  • Included tool to pack the bowl. It’s located on the bottom of the Mighty or on the side of the Crafty. Very useful to pack your herbs or to remove excess herb. The Mighty needs the tool inserted for it to be able to stand upright.


Cleaning both devices is relatively easy. Most reviewers will tell you to use swabs and isopropanol. I personally use the included brush and isopropanol. I find this to be more effective because it allows me to clean between all the little grooves as well.

Depending on how often you vape, you only have to clean once in a while. About once a month for daily use is good enough to maintain clean tasting vapor.


With 2 batteries the Mighty has a long battery life. Also, it charges quite fast and takes 2 hours roughly from 0% to full.
Battery life estimated at around 2 hours of vaping.


The Crafty and Mighty are identical except for the following things:

  • The Mighty has physical buttons and a screen to set the temperature as opposed to the Crafty which uses an app to set the temperature and a rapid double click of the only physical button to turn on or off the boost temperature (also set in the app).
  • With 2 batteries the Mighty doubles the mAh of the Crafty which only has 1 battery.
  • Unlike the Crafty which uses a micro USB cable, the Mighty has an AC adapter. This allows the Mighty to charge from zero to full in roughly 2 hours. The Crafty takes roughly 2 hours to charge from zero to full as well.
  • A battery thicker than the Crafty. This makes the Mighty somewhat less portable.
  • The Crafty has a LED light to show its current state by using a color code. The Mighty has a LED display that shows the current temperature. Also the set temperature and battery life.

Crafty & Mighty


  • The Mighty is a very well built sturdy vaporizer so if you travel a lot or are clumsy it will serve you well in durability. Though this is not a free ticket to start dropping it on a concrete floor all the time.
  • Vapor production, taste and quality are all top notch.
  • A LED screen and buttons that allow easy control of the temperature.

All in all this is a very powerful and convenient almost pocket portable vaporizer which is definitely comparable to desktop vaporizers in strength and efficiency.

Thanks for reading my review on the Mighty by Storz & Bickel. If any of my videos or blog posts helped you make a decision on buying a Mighty or any other vaporizer, please show some love and check out my recommended vapestores.