Most of you have heard of vaporizers or e-cigarettes by now. Though not everyone knows there is a different kind of vaporizer. A vaporizer solely used to vaporize dry herbs instead of e-juice. They can be used with any kind of herb ranging from chamomile to hops, but also cannabis of course and this is also what most people use them for.


If you don’t know what vaporizing is or what vaporizers do: vaporizers are devices that allow you to inhale vapor (not smoke!) by letting hot air flow through the herb of your choice. The temperature used is mostly below combustion level, but can be at threshold combustion level (for weed that is around roughly 200°C or 392°F).

Here I present to you the top reasons (in my honest opinion) why you should consider the vape life:


First and foremost you should consider your health. A lot of cannabis activists will tell you that smoking weed is in no way detrimental to your health. Well, I beg to differ. Smoking weed is definitely detrimental to your health, but mainly your respiratory system and is nowhere near as bad as some people make you believe. It is nowhere near the tobacco league of bad.

Combustion of any plant material creates carcinogens and cannabis is no exception to this. Smoking weed can cause respiratory irritation and discomfort, cause decreased lung capacity and thus resulting in decreased overall fitness and condition. Smoke can also irritate your eyes and cause damage to the soft tissue in your mouth and throat.
Keyword being ‘can’ and will not necessarily be the case for everyone like not everyone who smokes cigarettes gets lung cancer, yet it still is better to just not do it.

A vaporizer can be a great investment for anyone who does sports or wants to be fitter and healthier overall.


Taste is probably my top one reason to switch from smoking weed to vaping weed and why I suggest people to invest in a high quality vaporizer. The taste of vaping is something different, something you will never get from smoking. I can only describe the taste as something extremely pure. How the weed smells is pretty much how it will taste.

Vaping weed enables you to enjoy the full flavor profile. There is no combustion therefore the terpenes remain intact.


If you are someone who needs to be discreet then a vaporizer will also work in your favor, because vapor and the smell it spreads disappear rather quick. The smell of burnt weed stays around in your home for much longer than vapor.

Also people tend to think you’re just using an electronic cigarette whenever they see you drawing from a dry herb vaporizer.


You can control your high. Wait what? Yes, you can control your high by adjusting the temperature. Not only your high though. If you need a certain health benefit you can simply vape at the required temperature.

Refer to the chart I added for more clarity on what I mean.

Vaporizer Temperature Chart


Depending on the vaporizer, the vapor can range from weak to extremely potent. Vapor is more potent than smoke due to the fact that smoke consists for a large part of carcinogens. The heat of combustion destroys a significant amount of cannabinoids.

One deep draw at a high temperature can definitely get you directly to destination baked in a matter of seconds.


Depending on how much you are planning to vape your vaporizer can save you a lot of weed and money. Vaporizers are very efficient at extracting all the good stuff from your bud.
Close to zero percent carcinogens and close to a hundred percent of cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial compounds. The amount of carcinogens depends on the temperature, but is still significantly less than smoking.

Some of these reasons depend a lot on the quality of the vaporizer. That is why I highly suggest you to research multiple vaporizers. Also, be willing to spend at least a hundred dollars on a decent one. Expect to drop at least 250$ on a very high quality vaporizer.

Interested in vaping? My recommendation: the Mighty.