You might have wondered about a few Mighty related why’s and how’s or even overlooked some of them, so why don’t you tag along for some tips to get the most out of your Mighty vaporizer?



To get the very most out of your Mighty you may want to consider cleaning it more often. Whenever you vape and take a hit, some of the vapor will not make it into your lungs fast enough and crystallizes inside the cooling unit. This is the sticky residue that you will encounter when you open up the cooling unit. The thing is that this residue clogs the cooling unit and that results in less cooling potential and harsh and less flavorful vapor.

It’s best to clean your vaporizer with isopropanol 99.9% also known as isopropyl alcohol. It’s the safest and most effective way of cleaning a vaporizer.


When you purchase the Mighty you will receive a filling tool with it. If you have no idea what it is you can easily mistake it for a grinder, but it’s not! It is actually a very useful tool to help you pack the bowl without spilling any of your precious herbs (provided you don’t accidently let it fall)!

To use this tool you simply take the grinder of your choice, grind up some herb and transfer it into the filling tool. Assuming you have already taken the cooling unit off the Mighty, place the fill tool on the Mighty and give it a twist to lock it in place.


You might think that the dosing capsules are just a useless gimmick, but that’s far from the truth. They’re actually really useful and I’ll tell you why.

Since the herb never comes in direct contact with the bowl or the screen of the cooling unit they help to keep your device clean. They are also very useful for travelers. Prepare a few dosing capsules at home and pop them in when you’re out for a stroll! How easy is that?

You can easily use less herb with dosing capsules. The herb can’t move beyond the capsule so the heat will always get evenly distributed throughout the herb. When you don’t use the capsules the herb has a tendency to get pulled into the cooling unit screen and that’s just above the heating chamber. My herb usually is a lighter brown color on top of the bowl than at the bottom of the bowl, because the top never remains packed due to the pulling force of taking a draw.

Note: They’re reusable, so don’t throw them away!


As the name implies you can use this to vape oils, hash, wax and shatter. Though, there is another use for the pad. You can use it to decrease dosing size. Take only a small amount of what you normally put in a bowl and put it in the bowl. Place the liquid pad on top of that.

There you go, a smaller dose but as well packed as a normal dose. Because of this you can expect the vapor to be of the same quality as the vapor of a normal bowl.


The Mighty can produce big clouds with not much effort, but there are a couple of things you need to know if you want to maximize vapor output. If you can’t already, learn how to do complete breathing and apply that to taking a hit. Next, you need to turn your Mighty on and set the temperature to 210°C or 410°F. Now you’ll want to start timing your hits. To do this you wait for the temperature to go down and the moment it starts to go up again you take a huge hit.

When going for maximum vapor production, the next tip will be particularly useful. Enjoy the clouds. 🙂


Magic Flight Launch Box Water Pipe Whip Vaporizer Accessories

Did you know that there are adapters you can buy so you can hook the Mighty up to a bong or bubbler? Well, they’re here and come in two different versions. There are the ones that use a tube and the ones that don’t. I think the ones with a tube are safer for your device, but harder to clean.

I think the ones that you need to screw on or any other form of direct contact with the Mighty can potentially damage your device. Think about a scenario where you are a little clumsy and apply somewhat too much pressure to the attachment point. Or a scenario where the water pipe breaks off at the bowl stem because it can’t handle the weight of the Mighty. It is probably unlikely to happen, but still possible and that’s why I recommend a whip style adapter.

Water cooling filters the vapor a little more and removes any harshness. It’s really cool and very useful if you love big clouds of vapor.


If you’re always vaping at the same temperature, why don’t you experiment with some different temperatures? By doing so you can experience the full flavor profile, different kinds of highs and a variety of medical properties!

Terpenoids are very interesting compounds that each have a distinct taste and smell. A few examples are: β-caryophyllene which has a spicy, peppery taste; D-Limonene which has a citrus taste; and α-Pinene which has a pine-like, earthy odor.


Long vaping sessions can easily be achieved by starting with a low temperature and go up once vapor starts diminishing a lot. I usually start at 180°C/356°F and when there is barely any vapor I go to 195°C/383°F and again when there is barely any vapor I go to 210°C/410°F. This usually gives me a 30+ minute vaping session. Of course this also depends on your HPM (hits per minute, lol), meaning how often you take a hit and the size of the hits.

Naturally, you can start at lower temperatures for even longer vaping sessions. See the video above to decide which temperatures you’d like to try out.


Do not throw away your already vaporized weed! There’s a few things you can do with it.

You can put it in your food. It’s already decarboxylated so you can put it in your food straight away. Of course it will not be the same effect as fresh weed, because a lot of the cannabinoids are already vaporized, but some of it remains. The amount depending on the maximum temperature you vaped that bowl at.

If you still smoke joints, you can put it in your joints. You can smoke it pure or mix it with some fresh weed and/or other herbs of choice.

If you are interested in a Mighty or any other vaporizer and any of my blog posts or videos helped you in making your decision I’d really appreciate it if you’d check out my recommended stores here.