The Mighty is a vaporizer created by the German company Storz & Bickel. It is a very high quality device that generates exceptionally pleasing vapor and is one of the highest rated portable dry herb vaporizers among vaporizer reviewers. It uses full convection heating with additional conduction, ensuring efficient vaporization from the first draw. Powered by two powerful lithium ion batteries for extended use. With a LED display and buttons for easy control over the temperature.

Why do I recommend the Mighty?

If you have followed me for a while or have read my about page you may know that I come from a very unhealthy and inactive lifestyle. I am no stranger to playing videogames pretty much 24/7; smoking joints, blunts, bongs and cigarettes; and binge eating the worst imaginable junkfood every single day. I am saying this because the Mighty has been one of the most significant purchases in my entire life. Well, actually I owned the Crafty before I got the Mighty, but the latter is overall just better.

Buying the Crafty allowed me to quit smoking cigarettes. I never succeeded, because alongside I was still smoking weed. A dry herb vaporizer changed that. Now, whenever I would consume weed I was not performing the action of smoking anymore. This made it much easier to quit smoking altogether.

I wanted a top notch device, so I took a big chunk of my spare money and ordered the Crafty on recommendation of a friend. Long story short: after a few weeks of hit and miss I got used to vaping instead of smoking. At that point I already didn’t look back at smoking anymore. I have tried a few cheap devices along the way, but they all were really underwhelming. Very high temperatures causing a burnt-ish taste, bowl impractical to fill, poor battery life, etc. The Crafty and Mighty are intuitive to use and extract delicious powerful vapor from your favorite buds. The Mighty is a step up offering double the battery life, relatively fast charging speed, physical buttons and LED-screen to adjust the temperature.

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