I’ve been a quite ‘lazy’ person for the biggest part of my life. Lazy isn’t the right word though. I’d rather choose immensely overwhelmed by life. I’ve been diagnosed with mild autism, ADD and social anxiety. School problems, family problems and private problems were all part of my daily life. To cope with all this I used to game a lot, and I mean a lot. Basically I used to wake up, eat something real quick and launch my game of choice just to have a ten minute break for dinner and immediately continue gaming till bedtime. I’ve been depressed for equally long and am very familiar with the term binge eating. I’ve been quite fat at a certain point in my life which happens to be roughly just 3 years ago (2014).

I’m not proud of sharing this photo, but this was me back then.

There’s my other amazingly destructive habit as well and that is smoking. Due to the fact I had nothing better to do on a day I smoked a lot of cigarettes! Of course I also smoked weed. Bongs, blunts, joints, pipes, spliffs, everything basically. I had no plans to stop smoking any time soon.

I used to be a regular smoker; very naive. If I’d read articles about smoking I’d come with the same type of arguments as every other smoker:
Oh, but everyone dies sooner or later, so why quit?
The air is polluted as well so why wouldn’t I smoke?
But it’s outside, nonsmokers should go inside if they’re bothered by it.
Cars kill people too, so why are they not banned?

As my health started to deteriorate more and more I realized that something had to change. Multiple things. Not only my habits, but also my naive mindset.


The reason you should quit smoking has nothing to do with living longer. It’s very simple really. The reason is improved quality of life. Smoking is a nasty habit, not only destroying your body, but also messing up your house. Yellow walls and ash and tobacco laying all around. You smell like an ashtray everywhere you go. You will get yellow fingers sooner or later. Your body starts dysfunctioning more and more. Then you go to your doctor to ask what’s wrong, they give you some bullshit medication killing you even more and you keep on smoking.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not forcing you to quit or anything. If you want to kill yourself, be my guest, but if you are genuinely looking to improve your life, smoking is the very first habit you should get rid of NOW. Changing your diet, or start exercising, or whatever else you think you are going to improve your health with, doesn’t matter much if you still kill yourself on a daily basis.


So what made me quit smoking? Simply said: it needed to happen. I felt like shit. A constant raw feeling in my throat and discomfort around my submandibular glands. Shortness of breath. Lack of energy. One day my left shoulder ached. The other day my right flank ached. And again another day my left thigh ached. A new pain every day. Also, I started getting extremely painful bowel cramps.

I started researching other ways of ingesting weed and noticed this neat little thing called dry herb vaping. I was already familiar with the term vaping and vaporizers, because I’ve had my fair share of experience with e-cigarettes (which didn’t work for me). Though except for the Volcano vaporizer I’ve never known dry herb vaporizers was actually a thing.

After around two months of worrying about the investment in a decent quality vaporizer and my throat I finally decided to buy one. I laid down €300,- for a Crafty and received it two days later. At first I couldn’t get used to vaping weed and still smoked joints regularly for a week. The will to quit was successful though and after a week I finally quit smoking joints AND cigarettes.

In hindsight this thing with my throat was actually a reaction to gluten and not anything from smoking. Though I’m still extremely happy and proud of myself that I quit smoking. I just feel so much better overall. I have so much more lung capacity. My skin looks healthier. I don’t smell like an ashtray everywhere I go. A lot of things improved.


I still believe that the foremost reason that made me succeed to quit smoking tobacco is the purchase of a dry herb vaporizer. It’s very unlikely that I would have been able to quit smoking cigarettes if I still practiced the habit of smoking weed everyday.

After having vaped weed for quite a long time now I also have other reasons why one should give up smoking weed and start vaping weed. Smoking equals combustion. Combustion equals tar. Tar equals unhealthy lungs. This is nothing new, you learn it in one of your first chemistry classes. Why would weed be an exception?


Honestly, I find it hilarious that so many medical users smoke weed. Smoking weed is the LEAST medical way of using weed. First off, it’s actually bad for your lungs. Secondly, combustion destroys a SIGNIFICANT part of cannabinoids and terpenes, making it factually the worst way of using cannabis!

If you don’t believe in scientific facts, I can also tell you about my personal experience. Once in a while I smoke a joint to see what kind of effect it has mentally and physically after not having smoked for a period. The thing that I notice immediately is that I get an ‘unpleasant’ high compared to when I vape. Vaping gives me a lot more of a clear headed high. Smoking weed gives me almost like a subtle headache kind of high. Not really a headache of course, but I have no idea how to describe it otherwise. It feels like my mind is just not clear at all.

Secondly, I get a raw throat and my lungs feel somewhat tender the day after. And last but not least: the smell! For the rest of the evening I feel like an ashtray… I have this disgusting smoke taste and smell in me and around me. It’s absolutely disgusting. Also, smoking weed doesn’t taste as good as it used to. Probably because I never knew how good weed can actually taste.  😉


In 2016 I basically threw my entire life around. I bought a vaporizer. I quit smoking weed and tobacco. What you don’t know yet is that I also started becoming more active. I started weightlifting and doing basic bodyweight exercises such as pushups. Though never did I really have the energy to do so. I felt sluggish and brainfogged (feeling as if all your brain activity is behind a thick layer of mist; unable to connect to your thoughts) all the time. Plus I started having a lot of bowel cramps. So, I decided there’s still more things that have to change so I started looking at my diet.

For quite a period I removed all wheat, milk, caffeine and most meat products from my diet. That drastically improved the way I felt. The cramping disappeared entirely and I had more energy throughout the day. Though a moment came where I couldn’t control myself and started eating most of those products again. I did not bother changing this again until the beginning of 2017 when I moved and got my own place.

Now I’m pretty much fully plant-based. I eat no animal products and barely any wheat products. What do I eat? I eat things such as fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts and grains. I get more than enough protein so please don’t bother me with that. 😉

This is me now.

That Mighty in the background though.